An Excellent Education


Untitled (2) Mrs Dunnan, the headmistress of The Clergy Daughter’s School received visitors and inspectors reguluarly, Keeping very high standards. The school was always impeccable and the reports glimmering. The above newspaper clipping tells of dignitaries such as the Lord Lieutenant, and the Duchess of Marlborough.

The below gives insight into the standard of  Emily received, the subjects offered and how it prepared young ladies for their future.

Report of the visiting ladies
Checked the below categories:

School Business

Order and regularity
Religious Instruction
Needle work
English education, geography, arithmetic, and reading
Music and drawing

General appearance of pupils and school
cleanliness and tidiness
Manners and deportment
Attention of superintendents
State of apartments
Suggestions for benefits of the institution

Professors and teachers
Principal Lady Mrs Dunner

Holy scripture, English, French, German, Italian, Latin, pianoforte, vocal music, drawing.

The principles adopted by the school along with the subjects studied more than set Emily for her nursing career. Emily finished her education around 1887, when she turned 20 at that was the upper age limit for the Clergy Daughter’s Schools.

She came out trained in a broad range of subjects and skills. She seemed to excel in languages, speaking Russian, German, French and her native Irish. All her skills would have more than prepared for her career as a nurse and the ability to travel with her job.

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