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Firsts: The Election, Women’s Vote and Canvassing for Sinn Fein

On November 14th 1918 the British prime minister announced a general election to be held exactly one month later on December 14th. It was the first time that women had a vote, which increased the electorate from greatly from 700,000 to two million. It was also the fist time that women went up for election.

Countess Markievicz and Winifred Carney were the only two candidates in Ireland. They were members of a very small group of females that were in with a chance of gaining seats for Sinn Fein. The other contenders were Kathleen Clarke, who was in jail in Britain at the time, and some of the men had not problem stepping into her place. Another possibility, Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington didn’t take up on the offer as she didn’t have much faith in victory. She would however, take her place in history  as of one of the greatest champions of women’s rights in Ireland to this day.

Women did a lot of the canvassing for the 1918 election, it was a first for them in that respect too. Emily no doubt would have done her share. She no longer enjoyed the free time she had grown used of, on two accounts. Firstly it was at the peak of the Spanish flu epidemic,  as a trained nurse she was working flat out at the time. The second was she had to work as she was left penniless due to the loss of her income from Russian industry, due to the Revolution there the previous year. She would have, as a member of Cumann na mBan dedicated what little time she had to the Sinn Fein election campaign.

See below the video from The Easter Rising Stories, by Marcus Howard, that tells of Countess Markievicz election campaign of  1918


Easter Rising Stories YouTube Channel

Achill Commemoration: Easter ’16

On Easter Monday 2016 Achill people and current members of Scoil Acla commemorated the Easter Rising. A special wreath, a replica of the one Emily and Darrell Figgis put on the grave of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa in August 1915, was laid at the gatepost of Hala Acla, built by Emily Weddall c. 1910.

The photos below taken by Minette Glynn documented the event.

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Marcus Howard Independent Filmmaker of ‘Easter Rising Stories’

Marcus Howard independent filmmaker ,hails from Dundalk, Co. Louth. His great graduncle  Arthur Greene, Sergeant Major in the Irish Volunteers in Dundalk, was involved in the Easter Rising, inspiring him to capture on video the stories of the lesser known men and women, like his uncle who fought for Irish freedom.

Marcus traveled around the country filming the stories of these extraordinary people told by their relatives and advocates. He set up a specially dedicated YouTube channel called “Easter Rising Stories” to showcase their accounts.

Marcus  has also set up a special Facebook page Easter Rising Stories and you can also read a recent article about him in the Irish Independent:


Sources and other media:

Irish Independent

O’Donovan Rossa’s Funeral in August 1915

Tomorrow marks the Centenary of the funeral of Fenian Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, whose funeral was one of the biggest of its age. Republicans traveled to Dublin to follow the cortege from City Hall to Glasnevin Cemetery. The event attracted an Achill contingent too.

Here is a short film courtesy of independent filmmaker Marcus Howard that fusses beautifully  the original event with a present day re-enactment.

Thanks & Sources
Special thanks to Marcus Howard, who kindly allowed me to the above film “Padraig Pearse speech at the grave of O’Donovan Rossa (past and present)” from “Easter Rising Stories” on YouTube