Easter Wednesday; Emily sets off for Dublin

By Easter Wednesday Emily is well on her way to Dublin to fight for her country. How she traveled is impossible to say,  as Dublin was in lock down by then. All modes of transport to the Capital had screeched to a halt. She may have made her way by coach, horse and cart or on foot, which ever way she was determined to get to the heart of the fighting and play her part…


In Dublin however, Ella Young keeps in touch with the events as best she can. She gets firsthand account from her mother’s servant girl, whose sweetheart came up from the country to fight in Jacob’s Factory. The girl had to see him just in case he did not survive. She made some excuse about a sick mother that she had to visit and the soldier on duty at Portobello Bridge let her through. She was able to return with more news for Ella, and most importantly got to see her sweetheart.

Portobello Bridge

Portobello Bridge

“Every Little servant Girl can get Across.

A sound of heavy guns fro the river, accompanied b heavy guns from another point, the English are shelling some important position. It must, by the direction, be Liberty Hall.

No one can get into Dublin City across any canal bridge without a pass signed by a a British officer. But every little servant girl can get across she has only has to sidle up to one of the Tommies marching up and down there with a rifle on his shoulder and a general look of boredom. After a little conversation, she tells him her sick mother or something of equal importance and slips through to town… “


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