Elections, the Dail and a Narrow Escape

From 1918 until 1923 Darrell Figgis was seldom out of the political spotlight. The first Dail met in Janruary of 1919, and in June he was elected to the Ard Chomhairle of Sinn Fein, however the Dail was decalred illegal earlier on that year.

During the election campaign he narrowly escaped death by hanging by Captain Crawford, following arrest at Dail Court at Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.

DSCF34531919 – 1921 – Irish War of Independence raged until the Truce¬† of July 11th 1921. During that period Darrell Figgis and his wife Millie went into hiding at their friend’s house in the Dublin Mountains close to the Hell Fire Club, a place that would feature in their lives again but under circumstances so tragic they could not possibly imagine at that time. In the early summer of 1920 they stayed in a cottage owned by the Fox family, as it was too dangerous for people with a profile to stay safely in the city. Most of the leader’s homes were under surveillance and searched as was the Figgis’.

In 1922 РDail Eireann approves Treaty by 64 votes to 57. Arthur Griffith becomes President of Dail. The Provisional Government was under Chairmanship of Michael Collins and on January 30th a committee was set up to draft the Free State Constitution  with Darrell Figgis, Vice Chairman, and acting Chairman for Michael Collins.



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Edward King, Achill
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