Emily puts Pen to Paper

Emily had a natural talent for letter writing, not surprising as her father did too, he wrote on religion, she on culture, politics and perhaps her biggest passion social justice. Her earliest known letter was to the Irish Times in 1896, donating a collection she had made during a stay in France for the families of the Kingstown Lifeboat tragedy. A decade later, when she first arrived on Achill with her husband Edward Weddall, she began a regular correspondence with An Claidheamh Soluis, an Irish Language Revival newspaper published by the Gaelic League. Read more: https://www.cnag.ie/en/2016-commemoration/an-claidheamh-soluis-online.html

She also wrote to the local paper the Mayo News about cultural activities and social issues unfolding on Achill at the time. When a social issue particularly incensed her, she took to writing to the national papers. The Irish Independent published some some such letters.