Introducing Emily; Part (2)

The Irish language publication, of which Emily was a regular correspondent

The Irish language publication, of which Emily was a regular correspondent

When Captain Weddall died in June 1908, Emily found herself alone in the world again. As a widow with no children, she now had the time and plenty of resources to pursue her interests.

One of Emily’s great passions was her love of the Irish language. At the time it was the height of the Irish language and cultural revival. The timing was perfect for Emily and other enthusiasts to form their own Branch of the Gaelic League in Lower Achill. The Mayo News article below was just one of many notices, letters and articles sent by Emily to the local and national newspapers letting the country know about cultural and social activities on Achill.

The Mayo News of July 4 1908. Page 8.

Gaelic League

Lower Achill Branch!

At a meeting of the outgoing committee of the Lower Achill Branch of the Gaelic League, held in Dukinella School on 28 June. Mr. John McNamara in the chair, the Rev. Father Colleran, administration was unanimously voted in as President for the coming year 1908 – 1909. Mr. John McNamara vice president; Mr. Pat Mulloy Keel, Hon sec. and Mrs Weddall Pollagh, hon. treasurer. 

This  formation of a local branch of the Gaelic League led to founding of Scoil Acla, an Irish language and cultural summer school in 1910, that still thrives today, and to the credit of Emily and the original founders and the present day members, is possibly the oldest of it’s kind in Ireland.

Mayo News July 4 1908. Page 8. 26/03/2015