Introducing Miss Burke

For her times, gender and position in society Emily made the papers quite a lot over her lifetime. Her first newspaper appearance was in 1896, when she collected for the Kingstown Lifeboat Disaster, and wrote to the Irish Times, thanking the contributors, which will be the subject of a late post. The first society event she was recorded attending was a Aestiva¬† (old word for Summer Festival) Fete, and Grand Bazaar in August 1898. The event was organised in aid of the funds for nearby Glasthule Schools in the People’s Park Kingstown, modern day Dun Laoghaire.untitledEmily helped on with the “Cead Mille Failthe Stall”, not surprising on two accounts, the first that she would naturally be part of a welcoming committee especially if conducted through the Irish language. This event was the first in what would be many that Emily attended and indeed organised over her lifetime.

Dublin Daily Nation 18 August 1898