Loss of her Friends

By the end of 1925 both Darrell and Millie Figgis were gone. Their untimely deaths must have left a huge gap in Emily’s life, who was no stranger to loss.  Her relationship with the Figgis’ was long standing, over a decade if not longer and they shared many intense occasions, were allies and supported each other.

Emily was quick applaud the endeavors of her friends and frequently wrote to the papers singing their praises and telling of their bravery. In the Mayo News of 22nd November 1924, she wrote the following of her friend Millie;

…(Her large circle of friends in Mayo will read this announcement with heartfelt sorrow. It would be hared to find a more estimable lady. We have a very lively recollection of the heard work she did for over 2,000 prisoners in Stafford jail in 1916.

The English authorities sent may of these prisoners form Richmond Barracks, Dublin, creeping with vermin. Mrs. Figgis followed the prisoners to Stafford and taking up her residence in that tow she organised and did with her own hands, in part, the washing for those prisoners. Ih that and in a thousand other ways she earned the undying gratitude of us all. Her trial and hardships for Ireland were many, and it is sad that in the end sh lost that mind which thought for others so unselfishly. – E. M. W.

Emily could never imagined that one year later she would be reading Darrell Figgis’ obituary too. It is unlikely that she attended his funeral as fewer than dozen mourners attended.

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Mayo News November 22 1924. Page 3
31 October 1925 – Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Leeds, West Yorkshire