The First Scoil Acla

The original Scoil Acla was over a month in duration, very different from the week long festival it is nowadays. It was a complete summer school in itself, closer to how school children might spend a month in the Gaeltacht improving their Irish today. Below is the Cliamheadh Soluis article advertising it it from 1911.

A Scoil Acla  advert from An Cliamheadh Soluis

A Scoil Acla advert from An Cliamheadh Soluis

Scoil Ghaedhilge Acla

the Achill Summer School will  be open from August 7th to September 9th. The fees will be 10s for half session and £1 for the month.
PRINCIPAL – Tomas O’Raghallaigh
ASSISTANTS – Colm O’Gearaigh and Seaghan Seoighe.

Mrs M Huttten will possibly visit Achill during August and give a few lectures.

IRISH IN CHURCH SERVICES- The Rosary is always repeated in Irish at services in RC Churches in Achill. It is hoped to arrange for Irish sermons as well.

An tAithair B O Criothai will, it is hoped, visit Achill for August. for Protestant the Coise hope to arrange for special- All Irish Services every second Sunday during August. They will be conducted by the Rev. Mr. O’Connor, Sch. in Irish, T.C.D., and members of the Branch of the Five Provinces.

LODGINGS – Cheap and clean, near classrooms. Food good and well-cooked. Particulars on application to secretary.

An Cliadheamh Soluis July 1st 1911 P9