The Graisberry Girls (Sisters)

Daniel and Ruth Graisberry had five daughters, born between 1797 and 1917, Mary (Emily’s grandmother), Abigail, Charlotte, Sophia, and Emily completed the female bloodline. The couple had one son, William who was born in 1805 but must have died in infancy or early childhood, as when Ruth petitioned Trinity College to allow her to take over her husbands place as official printer in 1822, there was no mention of a son, only her five daughters and elderly mother.

All of Ruth’s daughters survived to adulthood and all married, ending the name Graisberry from that branch of the family. It is unclear whether Emily kept in touch with her cousins. Her aunt Charlotte married a Joshua Porter, who may have been related to Rev Samuel George Porter. Rev Porter was a good friend of her farther, Rev. Burke, there is no way of telling for sure, and it could easily be a coincidence.