Introducing Mr. Henry

Much of Paul Henry’s livelihood was dependent on providing a London publication publication with sketches of anything that would be of interest to them. He needn’t have worried as his new friend Emily Weddall was happy to introduce him around. Emily had made Achill her home four years previous to the Henry’s arrival. An outgoing personality she became familiar with the people of Achill very quickly. Although outspoken her kindness and genuine concern endeared her to all. She took it upon herself to introduce the Henry’s to everybody.

“She was enthusiastic about my work and my desire to live in Achill and paint, and between us I think we were largely responsible for putting Achill ‘on the map’, as it is called… but Mrs. Weddall was enthusiastic to the point of embarrassment that I should see everything and everybody.”

True to her word Emily did introduce him around and to possible models for his paintings.  As Henry recounted:

“She was a woman who bubbled over with enthusiasm, and she called to me, ‘Oh Mr. Henry, I want you to come and see a very beautiful girl.'”

That is how Emily introduced him to a potential sitter for his portraits!