Castlejordan in the time of Rev  W. J. Burke

Bell tower ofCastlejordan Church in 2015

Bell tower ofCastlejordan Church in 2015

Castlejordan Parish, Co Meath is situated on the river Boyne, and surrounded by bogland. The church was built in 1826, at the same time William John Burke was training to become a Catholic priest at Maynooth.

There was no glebe house nearby, so that would explain why Emily’s family lived in Edenderry, about six or seven miles away. Rev Burke would have to commute to his church, which could have taken an hour or more by horse and cart.

Ironically Rev Burke’s new church was built on the site of a former Catholic church. Rev Arthur Cogan’s History of the Diocese of County Meath -Castlejordan tells;

The old church was updated and succeeded by a Protestant one. Kilkeeran Church was closed down and an ash tree stands where the altar stood.


view fro bell tower ruin

View fro bell tower ruin

An ash tree stands outside the ruin today.


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History of the diocese of Meath-Castlejordan. by Rev Arthur Cogan