Darrell Figgis, the Writer

Slide04When Darrell Figgis arrived back in London, after leaving his father’s tea company in India, he had already written poetry. Encouraged by his uncle E J Figgis, he left the tea trade behind and began his literary career. He was published as early as 1909, which quickly led to him being took on as literary adviser to Mess’s. Dent form 1911 to 1913 ,when he left London for Dublin. He was readily accepted on the literary scene. By now he was married to Emily “Millie” Tate and had began building a house on Achill, which he would use as a retreat to write. But his writing career would be somewhat interrupted when he got involved in politics, which would occupy most of his life for the next decade. He still found time to write and produced many works in those years. In his obituary in The Times (London) interestingly enough his literary career was highly praised and given more attention than his political life.

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Death Of Darrell Figgis.; The Times (London, England), Wednesday, Oct 28, 1925; pg. 16
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