Dr. Burke’s College Days in Galway

William Henry Emeris Burke attended Queen’s College, Galway as a medical student from 1863 to 65. At the time the College was less than 20 years in existence and medical studies had just been introduced.


William excelled  academically, was a talented musician and played cricket too. He had one disadvantage his father, Rev. Burke had not the means to finance his education. The Reverend had just married his second wife, Emily’s mother. She was financially independent after inheriting  from her late mother and brother, but that was tied up in land in Canada. She was also expecting her first child and in a poor position to help with her stepsons education. Luckily there were scholarships to help students that had a promising future, of which William Burke was one.

The Evening Freeman. 03 October 1863
The Evening Freeman. 22 September 1863
Tuam Herald 10 September 1864
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