Dr Kathleen Lynn

Dr Lynn

Dr Lynn

Dr. Kathleen Lynn was born in Mayo. Like Emily Weddall her father was a Church of Ireland Minister. She was educated in Alexandria College, Dublin before completing her medical training at Cecilia Street (a Catholic University medical school).
Dr Lynn worked at Sir Patrick Dun’s Hospital, where Emily did her nurses training, but at different times.  Emily the older by a few years, attended Sir Patrick Dun’s in the 1890’s, Kathleen began working there in 1899, after completing medical school. At the time it was hard for female doctors to secure work, Sir Patrick Dunn’s progressive for it’s time took her on, on her own merit.

It is not clear when and where both women first became acquainted, it was likely through the Gaelic League, Cumann na mBan or through medical circles.  Kathleen Lynn either attended or helped with Scoil Acla as she was named on a list of attendees and supporters in a Mayo News article in the summer of 1915. They were life long friends, and would be meet many times again over the following four decades.

Kathleen Lynn: A Revolutionary Doctor | An Dochtúir Reabhlóideach

Kathleen Lynn was one of our first female medical graduates.  During the course of a distinguished life, she was a medical leader, campaigning feminist and social activist, a rebel of the emerging Irish nation, a suffragette and a public representative.  She had a pioneering medical career whilst taking part in Ireland’s War of Independence…To read more about Kathleen Lynns remarkable life:http://www.ucd.ie/medicine/ourcommunity/ouralumni/alumniprofilesinterviews/drkathleenlynn/

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