Election of 1922

On June 16th 1922 the public of Ireland went to the poles to have their say on the Treaty and the general politics of the new state.

It is unclear to where Emily voted, as she went between Achill and Dublin, the former was her official residence. What was clear was how she voted, against the Treaty. She made her feelings clear in a letter to the mother of her comrade, Michael Moran, who had died a few months before on active service: “For Michael’s sake vote against the Treaty, that Michael would have fought against. Remember for his sake.”(Read more about Michael Moran)

“The Irish general election is won by pro-Treaty Sinn Féin, who gain 58 seats to defeat anti-Treaty Sinn Féin’s 36. In advance of the election, Collins and de Valera had drawn up a pact to ensure that Sinn Féin representatives on both sides of the divide would not run in opposition to each other.”

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