Emily Alone

Over the course of five years Emily had lost both of her full brothers in quick succession and her only sister, Miriam had emigrated to Australia, married and had her own family.

To make matters worse around the time of Richard’s sickness and subsequent death there was another family tragedy unfolding across the water in Yorkshire, England. Her half brother, William Henry’s life had spiraled into chaos, too horrific to imagine. He had lived a somewhat privileged life as a a doctor, but he had difficulties too and drank heavily, loosing his family as a result. He got lost in his own sadness and died in 1889 at the age of only 43.

Emily's brother, William Henry

Emily’s brother, William Henry

This final blow must have hit Emily hard, but somehow she overcame this horrible period in her young life. It is possible that she got help and guidance from the Revell/Joly family, who were known for their generosity.

In 1893, at the age of 25 she began her training in Sir Patrick Dunn’s Hospital in Dublin as a nurse.

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Thanks to Mary Revell Dinnin, for sharing her family history with me.