Emily prepares to cast her vote

Since February 6th 1918 women gained the right to vote. Emily and her friends Eva O’Flaherty and Anita McMahon all qualified, but a lot of women did not. If a women was under thirty did not own property rights or was not university educated they did not gain the right. Representation of the People Act, 1918, was the law that afforded women and all men over 21 the right to vote.

In the same year two Irish women went up for election, Countess Markievicz and Winnifred Carney.

1918 was the first time Irish women were permitted by law to vote and stand in parliamentary elections.
1918 was also the year in which the first woman was elected to the British Parliament at Westminster. Countess de Markievicz, who represented a Dublin constituency, never took her seat at Westminster. Instead, she joined the revolutionary first Dáil, becoming the first female TD


Winifred Carney was one of the two women who stood in the 1918 general election. She stood in a unionist division of Belfast, and was not elected. A member of the Irish Citizen Army, she was a close friend and secretary to James Connolly. She was in the GPO during Easter 1916 and was interned after the Rising.


The Election was set for December 14th. An educated guess points at Emily and friends voting for Sinn Fein.


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Irish Citizen 06 July 1918