Enid Attends Alexandra College

Enid Betts was enrolled by her Aunt Emily at Alexandra College, Dublin. Emily and her older sister Miriam, Enid’s mother attended it’s sister school the Irish Clergy Daughters’ School decades before. Alexandra College was a fee paying school, when Enid attended but when her mother and aunt were in school, they attended a greatly reduced rate as their parents hadn’t means then, nevertheless both girls received a great education.

By the time Enid was a pupil at Alexandra College it was a prestigious girls school ahead of it’s time in many respects.

Courtesy of Alexandra College

Founded in 1866, Alexandra College set out to fulfil the need for advanced education for young women at a time when the prevailing system did not provide them with any opportunities for real academic involvement, or prepare them for any engagement in public, social or academic affairs. Read more

Some of Emily’s friends and fellow Gaelic League members and Nationalists such as the Gifford sisters and Dorothy McArdle and lifelong friends Eva O’Flaherty and Dr. Kathleen Lynn.

Enid would graduate from Alexandra College and pursue a career in nursing inspired her aunt Emily no doubt.

Earlsfort Terrace, where Alexandra College once stood