It is hard to say if Emily went on honeymoon with her new husband, Captain Weddall. At the time between them they certainly had the means to do so. It was just becoming fashionable to do so. The newlyweds were not in any way stingy in fact they spent their cash freely. This was displayed on many occasions throughout Emily’s life.

Below is an advert from the early 1900’s advertising honeymoon hotels in London. Similar ad could be found in the daily newspapers advertising similar hotels all over Britain and the Continent.


Edward Weddall may have brought his new bride to meet his family in Pocklington, Yorkshire. The couple would have arrived at the local station depicted below. It was not the first time Emily was in Yorkshire as she visited her half brother William in Barnsley under less joyful circumstances when she was still in her teens in 1888.


Courtesy of http://www.pocklingtonhistory.com

Courtesy of http://www.pocklingtonhistory.com

The above photo is of Regent Street in 1905 the same year Emily and Edward married. If she visited her news husband’s hometown she would certainly have walked down the street. There is a possibility the couple may have lived there for a while before the moved to Ireland the following year.


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Barnsley Chronicle, etc. 12 May 1888
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Andrew Sefton, Archivist/Webmaster of pocklingtonhistory.com , by whose kind permission the old photos of Pocklington are reproduced.