John Jasper Joly Burke 1

Kings County Chronicle 29 September 1869

John Jasper Joly Burke was born in October 1869, younger brother to Emily and the last child of Rev Burke and his wife. Like Emily and Richard he was born at Windsor Terrace, Edenderry and like Emily (Arabella) his middle names Jasper Joly were after the Joly family of Clonbullock, near Edenderry.

Family Connections

Family Connections

The couple Jasper Robert Joly and his wife Maria Arabella Armit Joly, friends of Rev and Emily Burke and possible God parents to Emily and John Jasper, were land owners in the area. Jasper Robert Joly’s father Rev Henry Edward Joly had county Clare roots and may have known William John Burke when he was a young man too. The family were also connected to the Revell family on her mother’s side as, Emily’s aunt Abigail Graisberry married Rev. Henry Revell.

These connections seemed to last beyond the life of Emily’s parents and may have looked after the young Burkes when the Rev and his wife died. They may have even oversaw their education. John Jasper was only thirteen at the time and like his brother and sisters  sent away to school. Following his brother Richard he attended the Irish Clergy Son’s School in Lucan, Co Dublin. It is impossible to say what profession he trained for or if he attended college, but he did follow Miriam Sophia to Australia.


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Wexford Independent 14 February 1849
Thanks to Mary Revell Dinnin, for sharing her family history with me.