Rev. & Mrs Burke’s final resting place

When Rev. and Mrs Burke died in 1883 they were not buried in Creagh Cemetery, in Ballinasloe but were interred in the graveyard of St Matthew’s Church, Clontuskert instead. This is possibly because of the Achill connection as explained in the excerpt below:

The graveyard accommodates burials of people from the nearby locality and more distant parts including Achill Island and Scotland. Military and medical personnel are included and no doubt the reason for the choice of this burial place was the assumption that this would remain a perpetual Protestant burial ground, which would be maintained by the loyal and faithful members of the Church of Ireland. Currently, the well maintained grounds and building reflect the commitment of the Church of Ireland parishioners, with the support of Roman Catholic friends who have family links to the deceased interred in the churchyard. St. Matthew's from the air, May 2008 St. Matthew's Church Oct. 31st 2008

Burial Records

Burial Records

Emily’s parent’s grave remains unmarked to this day, this may be because of the hate campaign that plagued Rev. Burke’s life.  The Burke family may  not have wanted any attention drawn to their parents grave for that reason, allowing the Rev. and his wife to rest in peace.

Clontuskert Heritage Group., and Joe Molloy. The Parish of Clontuskert: Glimpses Into Its Past. Ballinasloe, Co. Galway: Clontuskert Heritage Group, 2009. P 115
Thanks to:
Joe Molloy, editor of our 2009 publication, “The Parish of Clontuskert – Glimpses into its Past” for kindly providing me with the information of Rev and Mrs Burke’s grave and the photographs of St. Matthew’s Church
Jill Cooke  who kindly provided me with the Burke’s burial records.