The Graisberry Girls: Mary

Map of Dublin in the time of Mary Graisberry. *

Map of Dublin in the time of Mary Graisberry*

Mary Kennedy came from a privileged background, when she married Daniel Graisberry in 1765, she brought with her a fortune. Little can be told about her life before she was married, however there is a Baptismal record for St. Paul’s Parish of a Mary Kennedy in 1748:

Parish/Church/Congregation – ST. PAUL

Baptism of MARY KENNEDY on 21 July 1748



If the above is the correct Mary Kennedy it would have made her seventeen years old when she married Daniel Graisberry, a marriageable age in the 1765. Another give away, is Mary’s mother’s name Arabella, which could easily be a coincidence, but if not was given to her great great great granddaughter, Emily Maynard Arabella Burke a four generations later.

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Map of Dublin 1756 Courtesy of Dublin City Public Libraries and Archive