The Graisberry Girls: Ruth

When Emily’s great grandmother Ruth McCormack married Daniel Graisberry II in 1797 neither had reached the age of twenty one. It was not uncommon for people of families in trades, such as printing to marry their sons and daughters to others in the business. This trend can be seen in the Graisberry family for many generations. Daniel, the eldest son of Mary and the late Daniel Graisberry was probably fast tracked into the family business and marriage to Ruth McCormack, whose family were in the book trade too. As eldest son he was earmarked to take over the family business and allow his mother to retire.

The Long Hall Library in Trinity College, Dublin, where the Graisberrys were the official printiers

The Long Hall Library in Trinity College, Dublin, where the Graisberrys were the official printers

When Daniel was first qualified as a printer he operated from Capel Street. Early enough in his career he became the appointed printer to the Dublin Society and then progressed on to become the official printer of Trinity College, a position he held till his death in 1822. The exclusive printer to the college was an extremely lucrative position to hold, so after his death his widow Ruth hastily stepped into the vacant position. Rather than loose the family business and possibly her only income she like her mother in law Mary Graisberry she took charge of the situation she found herself in.

Back Lane where the Graisberry's had their printing business

Back Lane where the Graisberry’s had their printing business

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