Too Soon; Darrell

After Millie’s death Darrell Figgis’ political career was revived and his writing was well received. It appeared that he was getting his life back on track after the tragic death of his wife Millie. He had new work published such as “The Paintings of William Blake”, which he dedicated to her. His relationship with Miss North, a young dance teacher which possibly began before Millie, continued.

It continued until October 1925, when the couple arrived in London. They did not stay together. Miss North booked into a boarding house and he took a room in Bloomsbury. Later on in the month she was taken to Hendon Cottage Hospital, where two days later she died from toxemia following peritonitis. According to the inquest into her death the cause of the peritonitis was unnatural. Miss North was pregnant and had an illegal abortion had caused later complications that led to her death.

Figgis was a broken man and a few days later took his own life by gassing himself to death.

Dance Teacher’s Death.
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Thanks to Edward King, Achill