Emily’s Birth and Baptism

On the 25 September 1867 the Derry Journal carried the following announcement:

September 18, at Windsor Place, Edenderry. the wife of the Rev. Wm.J. Burke, Incumbent of Castlejordan, diocese of Meath, of a daughter.
Emily's Birth Announcement

Emily’s Birth Announcement



Windsor Terrace, Edenderry

Windsor Terrace, Edenderry

The child named Emily Arabella Maynard Burke, was Baptised in St. Peter’s Church on Auinger Street, Dublin, where their parents married.

Emily, the second daughter was called after her mother, as was customary at the time. Her second name Arabella, did not show up in the family anywhere, there was an outside chance that she was given the name because of a connection between her parents and Joly family. The Joly’s were prominent landlords of East Offaly (Kings County) at the time, Emily’s family lived in Edenderry. One was called Annie Arabella Joly. It is easily a coincidence but it might be more than that as Emily’s younger brother was named John Jasper Joly Burke, similar to the great book collector Jasper Robert Joly.



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