Forgotten Poet

In this week in 1925 Darrell Figgis was found dead in his Bloombury lodgings, London. He was 43 years old. The last year of his life was a sad one. The tragedy of his wife’s suicide in November 1924, followed by his mistress’s death after an illegal abortion in October 1925, proved too much for him to bear. On the night of October 27th he returned to his lodgings, blocked the chimney, sealed the windows and turned on the gas fire, and slipped into a sleep he would not wake up from. 


He would be remembered more for his unfortunate end but before his life spiraled out of control he was a writer, poet and politician. When he began to write is impossible to say, perhaps during his early years in Calcutta, India or later when he went to live in London. The first documented account could be from The Globe 09 June 1909, where the following article appeared:



31 October 1925 – Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer – Leeds, Yorkshire.

The Globe 09 June 1909,