The Last Days of Darrell Figgis (3)

The photo below is of modern day Grenville St. Bloomsbury in London. Somewhere on this street Darrell Figgis spent his last night.


His last days were filled with misery after loosing his wife and the added trauma of the death and the circumstances surrounding it of his mistress. His friendĀ  of many years, Frank Julian Maurice described the Figgis he encountered just before his death below:

On his last night he spent a few hours at the Automobile Club but not be persuaded to join friends for a drink instead he returned to his lodgings on Grenville Street alone.

His funeral was made more poignant by it’s austerity. Few mourners showed up, his family and one or two friends. His father seemed to be absent, this however could have been due to bad health, according to his brother Bryan. His mother an elderly woman made her way from Ireland accompanied by his siblings, to his burial at West Hampstead Cemetery. His grave would be all but forgotten for decades until it was rediscovered a few years ago.

Whatever was thought of him in life one thing that cannot be denied he was never dull, and he is perhaps remembered more that what written history would suggest. There is a rumor that fans leave cards and other offerings each year on his birthday.

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