Aftermath; Emily is Released

An Cliadeamh Soluis 24/04/1916

An Cliadheamh Soluis 24/04/1916


DSCF2517 DSCF2489By May 5th the Rising was over and some of the leaders already executed. Emily was released from prison. Her niece Enid (Siobhan) may have had to make her way from Achill all the way to Tullamore to meet her at the prison gates. Enid was still on Easter holidays from Alexandra College. She was only seventeen, but all too familiar with the adult world of Nationalism through her aunt.

Tullamore Prison Gates

Tullamore Prison Gates

On returning to Achill Emily would become aware of the fate of her friends. Darrell Figgis would be arrested and taken to Prison in Castlebar, on to Dublin and then to Durham Prisons. Claude Chavasse was held in Richmond Barracks and the Pearse brothers, Patrick and William she would never see again.


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