Educating Emily

Emily attended the Clergy Daughter’s School on Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin. She may have began her education there when she was ten years old, the entrance age.

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Clergy Daughter’s School

Established in 1843 and incorporated by scheme of the Education Endowments Commissioners, 1894 the school was situated on Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin and shared premises with Alexandra College. Its object was to assist the clergymen and families of clergymen with limited means in the education of their children. The School catered for girls aged ten to eighteen whose fathers were Church of Ireland clergymen. The school closed in 1969. The site in Earlsfort Terrace was sold and the funds used to support boarding at Alexandra College and elsewhere.

Dublin Evening Packet and Correspondent14 July 1853
Clergy Daughter’s School Reports 1868 – 1886, courtesy of Church of Ireland RCB Library, Dublin