In the Dock

Captain Edward Weddall was a fastidious man, “ship shape” could have been his motto. An incident that happened in 1879 highlighted this. He was about to dock the ship Lotty in Cardiff Bay, Wales. It was common for a pilot employed by the port, and familiar with the dock to pilot them in and out of the basin.

Moses White the pilot on duty boarded Captain Weddall’s vessel, Lotty to bring it into the bay. Captain Weddall asked him to bring the ship in stern first but the pilot told him that it was the law of the port to bring vessels in head first. Captain Weddall was not pleased with the arrangement as it might damage the vessel. One thing lead to another and a huge row ensured. It didn’t get violent but some aggressive language and some big threats were made by Captain Weddall. The matter could have been easily resolved but neither man gave in, hence it the Cardiff Police Court.

Captain Weddall was fined 40s and costs.


Shipping and Mercantile Gazette 02 June 1879