Sailing the Seven Seas

Captain Edward Weddall’s career took off when he became a master mariner in 1870. His name appeared frequently in trade publications such as Shipping and Mercantile Gazette and Lloyd’s List. His journeys were reported on in local and national papers in the Latest Shipping columns, rarely seen in papers nowadays. In the time before air travel, the shipping routes were as busy as the airlines of today.


The s.s. Bracadaile, of Newcastle, 1416 tons register, Captain Weddall, has arrived in the roadstead, after quick voyage from New Orleans, with 2770 tons maize for the Distillers’ Company.  

The s.s. Bracadaile‘s Captain Weddall, of Newcastle, left Gibraltar for Castlellamare and Genoa on the 6th inst.

10 October 1883 – Fife Herald – Cupar, Fife, Scotland
07 October 1884 – Shields Daily News – Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, England